We Review: Tesla Model S

Current Price of Tesla Model S = $69,200

The electric car is top of the range for both design and engineering and can get up to 300 miles on a single charge. The Model S can get from 0-60 in 2.5 seconds and truly is a sports car with a electric engine.

532 Horse Power
155 mph Top Speed

This year seen the release of the new and updated version of the Tesla S and the design has also changed making it even more attractive and luxurious than the original models. If you have ever had the chance to be driving in front of this model you will have seen how nice the headlights look.

The new updated version also has enabaled a 48-amp charger which enables a faster charging time which also allows for close to 30 miles of driving per 1 hour of charge, up an extra mile since the last model S.

As with anything, there are always upgrades you can make at a cost, the most talked about is the air filtering system which Tesla say is more effective of removing pollution from the air, however this costs an extra $3000. Is this worth it? We are not so sure.

One this for certain, this is one of  the most attractive cars on the market and the fact that it is electric makes it a number 1 choice if you have the finances to afford it.

Another option available on this car is to turn it into an 4 wheel drive, this is an extra cost that we haven’t got yet but we expect it to be the highest of all upgrades.


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