The year is about to come to an end and we have decided to write an article listing the biggest news from the world of technology and gadgets in 2016. Do you agree with our list?

Samsung Exploding Galaxy Note 7S

This is listed as number one because this is the biggest news story for the past 5 years, nevermind the past 12 months. This is arguably the biggest consumer safety disaster in the history of the smartphones. Samsung have had a great brand and one of the leading competitors in the market, until that is when reports starting to come to light of the  Galaxy Note 7 phones overheating, catching fire or even exploding.

The stock price of Samsung went down so much it wiped millions of their valuation. Whilst the company did recall the phones offering a free replacement they was forced to recall the Note 7 for good.

Apple and The Headphone Jack

Sometimes brands do things when people are not ready, are we ready to ditch the headphone jack? We doubt it but Apple have decided their new products won’t contain one hence this was huge news this year.  Instead, people must now listen on wireless Apple Airpod headphones, wireless headphones from a third-party provider, or use a separate dongle to hook up their still-corded earbuds through another port on the phone.

Fitbit Buys Pebble

The company which started on Kickstarter, Pebble were purchased by the largest company in the digital fitness market, Fitbit.  The original Pebble smart-watches were once the small competitor to wearable greats like the Apple Watch and Fitbits. Fitbit seen an opportunity to purchase Pebble purely for its software tech and not the watch. That is one way to remove a competitor from the market. Pebble did tell current customers that the product will work as normal with all the features but that in the future this could change.

Google Goes into Tech Hardware

This October  made a big commitment in the consumer hardware space and launched an array of new devices.  Google Home, Google Wi-Fi, and Google Daydream VR have all been recently launched as well as a new smartphone, the Pixel. Are Google trying to dominate in every market? Will they succeed with every product? Only time will tell but we would be foolish to back against them. Remember that Google purchased the Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion in 2012 only to  sell it for just $2.9 billion two years later.


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