The Google Wifi router has finally arrived and will be set to takeover this year for sure, especially those who like streaming and online gaming. Many people will be happy with the current set up they have and that is a valid point but if you do want to upgrade on something then this highly recommended. The price is less that £150 for a single or there is a special offer of £229 for 2 of them.

If you live in a house where you struggle to get wifi and there are areas where you purposedly don’t use your electronics then this is you.

Google Home as it is called is extremely easy to start  and set up and improves wireless without question. It is easy to add other devices, it also has it’s own application which ogives you feedback unlike anything else on the market. Whilst this is called home, this can be used pretty much anywhere including your business.

The app will give you a detailed report on who good the wifi is in a particular area, making you know exactly where the best places, with this the number of areas will certainly increase. The ability to create separate networks for family and friends  allow you to be in full control of everything related to the internet in your home.

We upgraded from the xfinity router which we found extremely terrible! The setup is also the best we have reviewed and will be purchasing one today that is for sure.

Google Wifi

The router is a direct replacement for any equipment that you have now.  This creates an AC1200, dual-band, 2×2 Wi-Fi ‘mesh’ network, with WPA2-PSK encryption. The speed is great and fast enough to deal with pretty much anything a family can throw at it.  The router also acts as a wifi extender, allowing  for you to have a strong signal pretty much anywhere in or even outside your house.



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