Review: HÄNS All-in-One Device Cleaner

We have just receieved the all in All-in-One Device Cleaner today and from first testing we are highly impressed by the product. The first thing we did was to clean our mobile phones and whilst we have used different cleaning products in the past this was surprisingly good. Not only does it clean but it also wipes away the dust, dirt and residue which gathers on electric devices.
The next test was our laptop screen and once again it cleaned better than any product we have used. In the past we have tried many different products and sprays to clean our screens and they do the purpose but nothing has been easier than this. We are impressed and will be using this for all our portable electronics.

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Here is the following information and background taken from the website:


This Made in the USA screen cleaner will have you happy to clean your devices.

HÄNS is super thorough. Its saturated, anti-microbial sponge lifts oil, dirt, and germs for the delicate microfiber cloth to wipe off. You can see it at work.

Brothers Scott and Jeff Bushaw would regularly wipe off their screens but didn’t like the amount of disposable wipes they were trashing. They wanted a tool that you could reuse and refill.

We like that you don’t need to spray a drippy cleaning solution, just saturate the sponge and swipe it across the screen. And when you run out, just refill.

Keep computer, phone, and tablet screens squeaky clean with a few swipes.

HÄNS All-in-One Device Cleaner









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