This week I am reviewing the new laptop that I have purchased which is the Yoga11e from Lenovo.

The reason I purchased it is the rvery same reasonwhy I am writing about it, the reviews.
My background in computers has always been Apple, for the past 10 years I have always purchased Macbook Pro and I was their number 1 fan until my laptop broke out of warranty and I needed a new one.
I couldn’t justify the cost of a new laptop with the cheapest coming in at over $1200 which I didn’t want to spend.
With this I decided that I should go for a budget laptop and should I require anything else I would do so in the near future.

From hours of research and a budget lower than most this is the laptop I chose and I am happy I did. The 11e model seems small to most but I have no problem with it and when possible I connect it to the monitor via the HD outlet it has.
The 11e model is apparantley for education purposes and it can be seen because this is a solid and robust computer perfect for children and adults alike.


Touchpad Screen
Whilst this is not a game changer, the fact that I can touch the screen for times when I think it is faster I am happy to do so.

This is one of the best keyboards I have tried, I would be happy to say that this is better than any Apple keyboard I have used and the keys are so responsive that making errors is limited with this.

2-1 Laptop

This laptop turns into a tablet simply by folding over the screen. This is something that I thought that I wouldn’t use until I started commuting to work on the subway each morning and found that I was using this more and more.
This is especially useful for flights when the tray table in front is small. You can litterally rotate the screen so that it is facing you.

I am happy with the speed of the laptop and one that I wasn highly surprised.

The Hard Disk is SSD which I find to be perfect and so much so I advise anyone looking atpurchasing a laptop to get this over a standard HDD. Even if the GB available is higher then I would still advise you to get a SDD.

I did upgrade the RAM on this machine but apart from that this is out the box and I think is still available for around $400.
Overall this is a great computer for the price and whilst I do have to restart it every now and again this is not an issue and is the same when I had an Apple macbook pro, except the latter cost 3 times as much.
As you will probably have realised, I am pleased with this and continue to use it for every day purposes. If I told you I use it for Microsoft Office, Slack, Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver as well as browsing then you will realise that I use it more than most.

With life as a blogger for I use it constantly and would love to see this more. I find the laptops on sale in the budget department in most electronic stores are way below this except this is just a mere $100 more.

I would love to see if you have had the same experiences with this model or can recommend a different kind that perphaps I don’t know about.
I purchased mine from Amazon with the link being below if you did want to purchase.

Lenovo Yoga 11e









  • Hard Disk
  • Quality
  • Price


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