We are always looking for gifts for our loved ones and whilst February is the month of Valentines it is important to gift gifts randomly! We have created a small list which you can get for both him and her and they will be surely happy.


This is a great gift for both him and her and you will not go wrong when you get one. The charge version of this FitBit is the best in class for fitness and whilst we recommended the watch this beats it for this activity monitoring. The heart-rate tracking at the gym and updates of measurements including sleep time, fitness levels etc this ticks all the boxes for a gift. Pair this with your iphone or android and it tracks your runs, hikes and bike rides via GPS. The fitbit is great gift for people that would like to take their fitness to the next level or just start.

Phone Power Pack

If your partner is constantly looking for a power outlet and always charging their phone, this could be a present you can get them, The PowerPack portable charger provides up to two charges for a smartphone  and features a digital power indicator display. Your partner will appreciate this gift everytime they run out of battery and have this to hand.

Bluetooth Speaker


If your partner loves music then this is the gift for you. You buy a bluetooth speaker and they will be able to blast their music anywhere they choose and make them happier because of it. Bring happiness into the life and if you love the same music then this is a no brainer.  The UE BOOM is the 360-degree powerful bass speaker with Siri and Google Now voice integration allowing you to play a song by speaking to the speaker.

The Apple Watch

This is a gift for anyone that is happy to embrace technology. The watch is a great customisable gift and will make anyone happy, whether they like the leather strap or sporty editions. The upgraded watch allows for GPS and allows for users to monitor the heart rate making this our choice for your partner.



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